Sunday, January 21, 2007

Greeting Card Placemats

I discovered a neat family craft idea that would be great to use for a gift idea(greeting card placemats)for that favorite Granny, Grandpa or other friend of the family. Get the materials together and have your child create a nice gift to share.

Often times I save the Christmas cards as they're too beautiful to throw away. Who doesn't like to have the house all decorated in theme for the holidays. A set of homemade placemats are the perfect gift for that special hostess. A way to cherish those birthday cards for years to come, perhaps.

Or, do you have a spouse who is crazy for scrapbooking - you can surprise he with a special cover for her scrapbook. Hubby's nothing says loving like a homemade gift. Put together some images of you and her together, photos from magazines of places you'd like to take her. Think outside the box.

This isn't just a craft for kids, it can be done by anyone for anyone. The cost is extremely cheap and the results can be as spectacular as your creative juices allow.

Now I am off to get some images and start a collection of placemats to spruce up our dining room table. Enjoy the craft and if you'd like to email a pic of your completed project I'd love to post it here for others to see.

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