Saturday, March 10, 2007


I'm so excited this morning - someone has won our prize for the 5 Minutes For Mom - Blog Party! Congratulations go out to Taya for winning one of our Bronze Package Mystery Gifts! I'm thrilled to be able to send her this gift, and I hope she truly enjoys it.

What happens next is, we've emailed Taya and asked her to go to Mystery Gift and fill out our Gift Profiler page. Here she can customize the type of gift she wants or select 'surprise me'.

After Taya has received her gift, I'm hoping that she'll put a pic or tell you all about it on her blog. I know that everyone will be so excited to see what she got in her gift. If for some reason Taya is unable to post a pic - I will post one here after I receive confirmation that her gift has been received.

Thank you all so much for entering the contest and taking the time to pop by our little place of the wwwland!

Peace and God Bless,


Friday, March 2, 2007

Blog Party KickOff

Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom for hosting this Blog Party!

Kick back, grab some coffee and relax. I've got a great birthday cake idea for you and a short story that is sure to grab your attention.

To make this unique cake you will need 1 chocolate cake mix, 2 cups of oreo cookie crumbs, 2 pks instant pudding, clean new dump truck, shovel and other cars to decorate.

Bake the cakes according to the package directions. While cake is cooking prepare the pudding using 1/2 the milk the pkg. calls for. When cake is cooled cut into chunks. Arrange one layer of crumbs in the dump truck followed by cake chunks, pudding and repeat. Making sure to save some of the crumbs for the final layer and for any decorating you want to do.

This cake is soooooo easy and kids love it. I recently made it for my nephew's 2 yr. birthday party. I think he was pretty thrilled to eat cake out of a truck. Hint: to make the clean up easier line the inside of the dump truck with aluminum foil.

I'm going to put my thinking cap on and come up with some more unique ideas for you to try. Check back later in the week to see what else I have in store for this Party!

Interested in a unique gift idea? Stop by my online store at Mystery Gift and see how you can surprise someone or even yourself with a gift, yes that's right yourself! Wouldn't that brighten up your day to have a parcel delivered to you! You won't be disappointed as we offer a money back gurantee.