Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blog Party WhoHa?8

First of all let me say thank you to Five Minutes For Mom for their upcoming Blog Party. It's going to be a blast! There will be new people to meet and some pretty amazing prizes. We are offering one of our Bronze gift packages as a prize, to learn more visit our site at MysteryGift.ca.

Hi there, my name is Melissa. Over the past three years I've been dreaming of an idea for an online business. If you don't know me, you probably don't know that I am a dreamer. I always have a new idea pop into my head. What I usually do is disregard them and then years later I'll see that someone else has latched onto the idea and it has been successful. This year I decided with a little push from my husband Eric - to give this one a shot. This idea was for a website where I would send mysterygifts to people across Canada and the U.S., basically a personal shopper - the fun of it is, that the gift is a surprise to both the sender and the receiver.

I had been thinking awhile back what I would do if I was single, widowed etc. for things like Christmas. I love the element of surprise and wrapping up my own gift and sticking it under the tree seemed a little boring. That's when I thought of Mystery Gift! There was a way that people who lived alone could have gifts sent to themselves. Why should single parents, widowers, single people go without gifts. I could make the holidays more special for them, but my mind was racing with the possibilities of it all. What about others who want to send someone a special gift but either don't know what to send, don't like to shop, like the element of surprise or they are housebound for various reasons. I didn't even stop there, we have many people from Canada and the U.S. overseas fighting so hard for their countries, but they too are away from their loved ones. This would be an opportunity for them to send gifts home with the personal touch of wrapping paper and a card with a personalized note. That's when I realized I was on to something. I searched diligently and didn't see any other service of this type offered.

I hope you'll stop by our site at Mystery Gift and see what we have to offer in personalized gift services, our Free Ecards and coming soon personalized stationery for Outlook Express. This blog KraftyGiftCorner will be updated regularly with unique gift ideas that I find on the internet to share with you, or ones I have used in the past. Check back often to see the cool things I dig up.

Melissa :)

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Jessica Morris said...

wow! what a cool business idea!! I hope you do well with it! It's a really good idea!